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Winter meals

27 Jan

Blood oranges | German pancakes | vanilla-bourbon cream | Grilled eggplant salad with sumac dressing and mint | weeknight risotto

What we ate

11 Feb

1. Breakfast: It never gets old. Avocado on toast with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon.
2. Lunch: Romaine with watermelon radish, marcona almonds, balsamic and a sneaky side of rigatoni and cheese with leeks.
3. Dinner: Spinach, lentil, carrot and pancetta stew topped with mint and lemon.

4-6. Dinner: Beets! Beets! Thinly sliced raw beets with a dill, shallot, creme fraiche and lemon zest dressing over arugula. With some sneaky capers. Oh, and pesto pasta on the side.
7. Brunch: Everything-from-the-fridge-frittata of potatoes, sautéed leeks, feta and green onion.

A little bit of birthday

21 Jan


Last week I had a birthday. Not a big birthday, or a life changing kind of birthday… just a one-year-older kind of thing. My actual birthday included some somewhat mundane thrills, like picking up some finally framed work for the office and taking a day off from work. The more exciting birthday surprises came with dinner at Commonwealth, and a weekend trip to Healdsburg, where we encountered throngs of people, but also a quiet garden at Preston Vineyards where Intern and I shared a picnic, a bottle of wine, and some amazingly warm January sun. We learned (too late) that we should check the web to find out if there any massive wine festivals happening when we want a quiet afternoon to ourselves without a bunch of drunk fools. We also learned that Preston Vineyards is very calm and quiet, even with a bunch of drunk fools filtering in and out of the tasting room.


What we ate

17 Jan


1. Crab from SirenSeaSA: Picked up on Saturday, turned into crab cakes with avocado-lime-chili-cream on Sunday
2. Dinner: Tequila-lime marinated shrimp with green cabbage, avocado, green chili on corn tortillas


3. & 4. Brunch: Poha two ways! One with, and one without a fried egg.


5. Dinner: Kale pesto on pappardelle
6. Dinner: Barely seared asparagus tips with sautéed leeks, pine nuts and prosciutto
7. Lunch: Whole wheat roti, daal, and mixed vegetable achar

And we’re off

20 Dec

We arrived in Seattle this morning for a few days of family, mingling, visiting, gifting, bananagramming, eating … and hopefully relaxing. Our babies have some fine friends visiting to care for all their needs. Gifts are wrapped, and we packed all our wool for chilly Seattle weather. Don’t snow Seattle, Mill Creek, Redmond and Issaquah, please don’t snow. Family, friends, adventure, and a whole lot of eating awaits us in Washington. We’re ready for you!


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