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Shop update

8 Jul

I’m a little slow to announce a summer sale in the shop this month, as well as the new option to purchase gift certificates in the shop. Gift certificates are now available in many increments, from $50 on up. For all summer orders this month, take 15% off at checkout using the discount code SUMMERSALE at checkout. The offer ends July 29th, when I’ll be closing up the shop for a week and heading out of town for a little summer adventure.

brunch-group-detailA-Z dividers at Omnivore BooksPB030017

Here it comes

22 Nov

shop ABCshop XYZ



Behind the scenes

19 Nov


This post could have been called “Absurdly photogenic friends all in one place” or maybe “Friends who help other friends for free while smiling and looking cute when Kate is desperately stressed over product photography and shop launch” or something like that, but less wordy.

On Thursday I flew back to San Francisco from Seattle. On Friday I raced through the city picking up packaging supplies, screen printed cardboard boxes, the first round of letterpress labels, ribbon, custom-made wood boxes and more packaging supplies. Over the weekend I prepped divider sets, worried constantly and got the house ready for a day-long photo shoot. I hired photographer Kara Brodgesell, who deserves a full basket of kittens for all of her hard work this weekend. We had a long shot list: 4 products plus full packaging to capture and a group of friends/models on hand to lend their faces and hands to the project.

Sunday was a full day of nerves (mine) laughs and jokes and drinks (everyone else) and amazing effort and hard work (everyone) and lots of loving feelings (all mine). We wrapped the shoot with some Intern-made celebratory cocktails and hugs. Sunday night was the first night I slept well since getting back to town– I think my body was holding out for the sweet relief of the final big thing getting checked off my massive to-do list.


This whole experience, from prototyping to research to figuring out the production line and packaging details… it has been a whirlwind. Learning! splinters! Stress and excitement! The soon-to-launch collection of laser cut record dividers is designed for both vertically and horizontally stored record collections, with two different engraved alphabet styles to chose from. The packaging is a combination of letterpress and screen printing, printed by The Aesthetic Union.

On Monday, the online shop will go live. Holy moly, the shop will be live and the full collection will be available for order! If you can’t wait until Monday, you can get a preview of the collection by signing up for the shop newsletter here.

Schatzi + Gravel & Gold, this Thursday

14 Aug


Our dear friends over at Schatzi are having a party this week to kick off their month-long residency at Gravel & Gold. The party is from 6-8PM Thursday evening. I’ll be there, with my mom! If you can’t make it to the party, be sure to stop by to see the evolving collection of vintage finds, all month long.


Shop update

7 Jun

new gocco card sets

This week I’ll be adding a few new items to my shop. Starting with a small series of gocco cards, I’ll update the shop with a few sets at a time. I made a number of different color combinations and patterns, but each set will come in a pack of four cards of the same color and style. This was a pretty small run of under 100 cards, but each set is printed with gold ink, on a patterned background of either tangerine or grey ink.

new gocco card sets
new gocco card sets

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