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Actually organized, actual updates

20 May

Record Dividers 26 Panel Futura, HorizontalDecade Record DividersBest selling Futura engraved record dividers in use (horizontal shelf)6 panel stencil set (horizontal shelf)

I got some great advice the other day by email, a couple of kind and honest words that have reminded me not to let the haters get me down. Simple enough, but it bears repeating, again and again. What motivates someone to be a jerk online has absolutely nothing to do with me or my work, and more to do with their own fears and insecurities. I realize that I’ve turned this blog into the place where I vent and fret about work, so it may sound like I am down about everything, but thats not true! It is true that I’ve been wound up by some online nastiness, but to let that stall me, or prevent me from moving forward? No way.

The new shop has been live now for two weeks, and the kinks have been ironed out, orders are coming from new cities, and I am getting ready to hire a new summer assistant. We’ve just booked tickets for our upcoming trip to New York in early June. Intern and I are heading to NYC for a bit of play, visiting family, and a bit of work (mostly me). We’re getting excited about taking some time off to explore and wander– and debating if we can both get by without bringing our work laptops! I think we can. Neither of us has been to New York before, and it feels a little daunting to figure out all the places we should see, things to do, eat and enjoy. The organizer in me wants to map it all out, but realistically I know we can’t possibly do or see it all in only a week– part of me wonders if I should just try to let go, and enjoy the process of discovery, rather than meticulous research and planning.

Finally, I wanted to share the newest product photos shot by Cera Hensley— I love the work she did, and feel so happy about all the hard work that went into this shoot. My live-in hand model did a pretty good job too, despite the grueling 11-hour shoot. Though he didn’t exactly sign up for the job, I think he nailed it.

6 panel set of book dividers, $132
Book Dividers on a shelfBook Dividers in use, Borrowed Panel

I’m doing this

6 May

My baby is growing up! By “baby”, of course I mean my meticulous hyper-organizing side project, the thing that keeps me up at night worrying, the thing that makes me dream of stacking boxes, alphabetizing wood panels and coding websites. That thing also gives me enormous satisfaction, and intense I’m a lady and I can do fucking anything vibes. Terrifying stressful exciting wonderful, all at the same time. That baby just relaunched this week, with a brand new website, new packaging, photography and some hard work and sleepless nights, copy editing, and oh god, some late nights with a glass of wine, code and Photoshop.

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Cardboard nightmares and 5 miles of tape

27 Mar


I haven’t shared many written updates lately on whats happening with my shop, so here I am, attempting to make myself sit still and write down some thoughts on the last few months, and the next few ahead. I want to document where I am, because I already feel so far from where I was this time last year. Work is moving quickly, and I am making so many decisions I think I’ll soon forget in all of the rush and sometimes (self-created) chaos of small business life. Lately I’ve done a lot of handwringing during the day, and tossing and turning at night, worrying about lumber and cardboard… but mostly cardboard.

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Holiday Hustle

9 Dec

We’re several weeks into the holiday production season, which although it is going very well, feels very very crazy busy.  We had a relaxing Thanksgiving in Calistoga, then jumped immediately into holiday parties, booking flights to Seattle, crab season, holiday orders, an even busier production schedule and oh my god, rain… all to the tune of a hacking cough that won’t quit. This year I tried to strategically wind down client work as I ramped up production in the shop, though the “winding down” part took two weeks of intense pushing, while racing back and forth between the production space and my office.

In the last two months I launched a few new products, namely genre record dividers and book dividers, then just last week, I threw in some holiday record ornaments, just to keep things teetering towards too much, just for fun.

Now my production assistant and I are hustling to keep it all going– packaging orders to send out every few days, and keeping up with production demands.  All wholesale orders for Urban Outfitters, Turntable Lab, Dijital Fix, Sound Fowndations and others are all wrapped up for the year, and I’ll be closing up the online shop around the 20th of December to take a few weeks off. Its hard to believe that a little over a year ago I was just launching the shop, unsure of how it would all work out, and worrying whether anyone would want to organize their vinyl… and now… I don’t have that worry anymore!

Shop update

8 Jul

I’m a little slow to announce a summer sale in the shop this month, as well as the new option to purchase gift certificates in the shop. Gift certificates are now available in many increments, from $50 on up. For all summer orders this month, take 15% off at checkout using the discount code SUMMERSALE at checkout. The offer ends July 29th, when I’ll be closing up the shop for a week and heading out of town for a little summer adventure.

brunch-group-detailA-Z dividers at Omnivore BooksPB030017

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