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Shop update

8 Jul

I’m a little slow to announce a summer sale in the shop this month, as well as the new option to purchase gift certificates in the shop. Gift certificates are now available in many increments, from $50 on up. For all summer orders this month, take 15% off at checkout using the discount code SUMMERSALE at checkout. The offer ends July 29th, when I’ll be closing up the shop for a week and heading out of town for a little summer adventure.

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Kate Koeppel Design, just launched!

1 May



After a few bumps and delays, I am excited to announce the relaunch of katekoeppel.com. My new site features recent client work, a few oldies and hopefully, a more concise view of my professional design work. I’ve also added a design services inquiry form to help streamline new client inquiries. Yay for organization! I have learned through this process that designing for myself can be a tedious, uncertain and slow moving process. Who knew? Actually, I knew, which is partially why this process was so painful. Boundaries, work hours and my sleep schedule have all suffered in the last few weeks. I am not the best client, when I am also the boss. Perhaps the timing of this redesign and major edit played a role in this slow process. I chose an extremely busy period (hi wholesale orders for the east coast! hi Skill Exchange ticket release tomorrow morning at 8AM) to finally tackle this project, but hallelujah, its pretty much done.

Only 6 more days…

31 Aug

We’re down to just 6 days before the start of all out Skill-mania at StoreFrontLab. Intern and I are going to pick up the keys to StoreFrontLab tomorrow morning, and we’ll be starting installation and set up. I cannot wait. Really. So. Excited. Ticket sales have been going strong for the last week, and I feel almost speechless over the fact that over 200 people are participating in this pop-up. Tickets are still available for some workshops, while others are completely sold out. I’m going to do my absolute best to keep the Skill Exchange tab on MPK updated over the next 6 days, since Eventbrite does not have an effective visual system for alerting users to sold-out events. Boo to that, Eventbrite, because you make me get all these sad emails from people, wanting to know if they can get a ticket to workshops with Salumeria, The Aesthetic Union, Ragazza Pizzeria and the launch party. Wait list only guys, I’m sorry!

Yesterday I took a quick 4-hour break to do a little internet housekeeping, and updated my portfolio a tiny tiny bit. Take a look here. Other than that quick procrastination break, I’ve been busy painting, stapling and sewing in preparation for next weekend. The cats, in case you’ve been wondering, have been busy sun bathing and napping under the covers.


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