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Summer meals

13 Aug

I love summer dinners at home– sitting down to a long leisurely meal with friends (when its still light out) feels so luxurious. The creeping light change every week reminds us that it won’t last, but it makes me hopeful we can try to eat more dinners at an earlier hour in the coming darker months, to try to hold to that summer feeling. After a full July of takeout, meals out, picnics and travel, meals at home this week have felt very comforting and restorative. We recently tried out Turntable Kitchen’s summery corn and peach salad, paired with some seared salmon from Siren and Becky’s green plum tarts with honey and black pepper.


Grilled Pizza

5 Jul

Inspired by this post on thekitchn.com, Intern and I got the grill burning nice and hot to make homemade grilled pizza. We started with our own pizza dough using my mom’s recipe, and we made a simple spicy tomato sauce, simmering it slowly to make it thick and flavorful.

I thought the grilling would be messy, and I was imagining sticky dough falling through the grill, so I we put a layer of foil down to prevent a dough-mess. The grill was hot enough to grill the dough on each side quickly and easily, so we eventually got rid of the foil and put our pizza directly on the grill itself.

After a few minutes of grilling on each side of the dough, we added our sauce and toppings, then covered the grill for a few minutes to let everything cook and get smokey.

I don’t have any interest in oven baked pizza any more. We’ve been ruined by grilled pizza.

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