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Summer scenes

2 Jul

June quickly turned into July this year. We’ve been bouncing along between warm days and fog-wind days, which are more often than not, the norm for San Francisco summer. We’re deep into summer produce from our Eatwell CSA– stone fruit and squash are on the menu for the next many many weeks. Our garden is almost 90% neglected and unplanted this year. The drought made that decision for us this season, though even if we weren’t in a severe drought, I can’t imagine having time to garden right now. Our artichoke plant produced a lot this year, nearly all of the artichokes were left on the plant to flower. Our big beautiful and productive lemon tree was hacked back to nearly nothing by our landlord for unknown reasons, so we’ve had very few meyer lemons for the past 6 months. The only thing really thriving in the backyard is honeysuckle and lots of volunteer nasturtiums planted last year or the year before. The squirrels and wind have done a good job of moving the seeds around to different parts of the yard.


Garden growth

15 May


The peas are starting to climb the fence, the sunflowers are opening, the sage is flowering, and the strawberries have yet to be eaten by slugs.

Workshop recap

6 Mar


Last Thursday at Pot + Pantry we hosted our second workshop with Deborah Lewis of Urban Veggie Starts. At this workshop we discussed spring vegetable gardening, with a special focus on gardening in the Mission. Deborah shared some of her tips on planting seeds as well as vegetable starts, and demonstrated how to plant several different types of vegetables in a small container. Deborah discussed how to plant seeds of different varieties, her favorite tools and suppliers, how to protect young starts from wind, birds and moths, and she offered recommendations for vegetables that do well in this climate. Deborah offers individualized garden consultations for small and large outdoor spaces, whether it be a small back porch, a backyard, roof or other small space. Our next Skill Exchange workshop is with Red Circle Tea, on March 14. A few tickets are still available here.


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