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Summer meals

13 Aug

I love summer dinners at home– sitting down to a long leisurely meal with friends (when its still light out) feels so luxurious. The creeping light change every week reminds us that it won’t last, but it makes me hopeful we can try to eat more dinners at an earlier hour in the coming darker months, to try to hold to that summer feeling. After a full July of takeout, meals out, picnics and travel, meals at home this week have felt very comforting and restorative. We recently tried out Turntable Kitchen’s summery corn and peach salad, paired with some seared salmon from Siren and Becky’s green plum tarts with honey and black pepper.


What we ate

5 Nov


1. Granola-making: oats, coconut, sunflower seeds, chopped almonds, dried wild blueberries and flax seed.
2. Working happy hour: Wireframes, product descriptions and a jalapeño olive martini
3. Brunch: Porcini mushroom grits with white cheddar, pancetta and spinach with a fried egg


4. & 5. Dinner and a recipe: Roasted butternut soup with chili and almonds, with surprise ingredient of grated apples. Absurd. Delicious. Very simple.
6. & 7. Siren Fish Co Black Rockfish over roasted potatoes with prosciutto, lemon and arugula.


What we ate

15 Oct

Brunch: Whole wheat waffles with a poached egg and maple syrup.

Dinner: Cure-all lemongrass coconut soup with vegetables and udon noodles and a painfully good amount of sinus-clearing spice.


Dinner: Happy hour + putting away groceries + dinner prep = Seared King Salmon, grilled radicchio, tomato and goat cheese orzo… with a blistered pepper, just because.

What we ate

29 Aug


1. & 2. Breakfast: Waffles with strawberries and a dollop of yogurt.
3. Lunch: Seared wild king salmon with micro greens and garlic aioli on grilled ciabata rolls, with a spinach salad.
4. Dinner: Seared Siren Fish Co. wild king salmon with coconut rice and a shallot green onion caper relish. Salmon recipe by the amazing, talented brilliant Kimberly Hasselbrink of The Year in Food.

5. Brunch: Fried eggs, brown sugar roasted bacon, fresh fruit toast and amazing apricot jam made by Lucy (made with backyard apricots!)
6. – 8. Dinner: Birthday dinner at one of our favorite places in the city, Ragazza. Now with a brand new website!

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What we ate

10 Jul



1. Breakfast: Blueberries, toasted english muffins with avocado and herb cream cheese with delicious and expensive micro-greens.
2. Dinner: roasted shrimp with tomatoes, chili, green onions and feta.
3.  Dinner: Bucatini with roasted tomatoes and chilies with a lil’ bit of bacon. Arugula salad with avocado pecorino romano.

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