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What we ate

15 Oct

Brunch: Whole wheat waffles with a poached egg and maple syrup.

Dinner: Cure-all lemongrass coconut soup with vegetables and udon noodles and a painfully good amount of sinus-clearing spice.


Dinner: Happy hour + putting away groceries + dinner prep = Seared King Salmon, grilled radicchio, tomato and goat cheese orzo… with a blistered pepper, just because.

What we ate

15 May


1. Breakfast: Frittata topped with arugula and shaved pecorino romano, with sourdough toast and INNA jam
2. Dinner: Lentil-carrot-jalapeño soup with cumin sour cream
3. Dinner: Late and lazy dinner of pappardelle with roasted mushrooms and spring onions

4. Dinner: Arugula salad with white beans, red onion and herbs. Pesto pizza with mozzarella tomatoes and olives.
5. & 6. Dinner: Yogurt-marinated grilled chicken with grilled eggplant, tomatoes, mint, feta and turmeric couscous. Plus one uninvited dinner guest, Sofia.

what we ate

6 Mar


1. Lunch: Roasted radishes and radish greens in a farro, arugula salad with goat cheese, shallot and lemon

2. Lunch (and dinner): Fridge-clearing lentil, onion, roasted squash and serrano chili soup

3. Dinner: Seared Lamb! with garlic and rosemary, roasted hasselback potatoes, arugula salad

4. Breakfast: Cornmeal blueberry muffins. Cat-approved.

5. Breakfast: Smoothies! Green! with chia seeds, spinach, lime, mango and mandarins.

What we ate

11 Feb

1. Breakfast: It never gets old. Avocado on toast with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon.
2. Lunch: Romaine with watermelon radish, marcona almonds, balsamic and a sneaky side of rigatoni and cheese with leeks.
3. Dinner: Spinach, lentil, carrot and pancetta stew topped with mint and lemon.

4-6. Dinner: Beets! Beets! Thinly sliced raw beets with a dill, shallot, creme fraiche and lemon zest dressing over arugula. With some sneaky capers. Oh, and pesto pasta on the side.
7. Brunch: Everything-from-the-fridge-frittata of potatoes, sautéed leeks, feta and green onion.

Savory waffles… and cats

7 Dec

Christmas came a bit early this week with the arrival of a desperately wanted waffle iron. We didn’t need it of course, but I have wanted to make savory waffles with some intensity lately. I caved in to the temptation… thanks Mom! I’ve spent a moment every morning for the last several days working on a savory waffle batter. The best this week included a fried egg on top, with green onions and white cheddar. I avoided grocery shopping all week, but once we’re forced to go to the grocery store, I think the addition of cornmeal and prosciutto could really improve this waffle situation. I’m also eager to try a sourdough waffle, or possibly a potato-cheese-herb waffle? So many choices here, I really can’t blame myself for getting involved in this waffle thing.

There has been a startling lack of cat here on the blog, and an overdose of cat on Instagram. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that Christmas was briefly cancelled earlier this week when a couple of naughty teenagers took down our tree. I spent an hour cleaning up pine needles and an afternoon contemplating life without four cats before I forgave them… little stinkers.


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