Gold Frames

13 Sep

We’re back in the habit of visiting the Alemany Sunday flea market after a long break. Since repainting our dining room we’re on the hunt for gold frames to hang on our navy blue walls. Sometimes Most of the time, Alemany can be hit or miss, but last week was full of treasure. Sure, there is the lady that yells at you for looking at her wares (most, but not all are for sale, btw), the guys that try to cut you a deal on rusty tools while you walk by, and the piles of kitchenware and junk poured out on long flooding tables, begging for a tetanus shot, and a good dig through.

Last weekend we went with $32 in cash scrapped together between the two of us, not sure what we’d find. Making a trip to the cash machine beforehand  is almost a guarantee you won’t need that cash. Within about 20 minutes we’d found a selection of mid-sized gold wood frames for $13 and another carved wood frame for $5. A few minutes later I was bargaining with my last $14 for a $25 crazy ornate gold frame. We went back and forth between $14 and $15 for a few minutes, until I had to prove that I really only had $14… but the frame was finally ours. Intern convinced me to leave a short while later, because looking at bargains when you don’t even have a $1 left is pretty pointless.


Those of you who follow me on instagram or twitter already know how much I love my new print by Carolyn Sewell, but for those of you who haven’t experienced her charming work, get to it.  This print is most likely going to end up in the studio, not the dining room, but I do think it needs a fancy frame.

2 Responses to “Gold Frames”

  1. Carolyn September 14, 2013 at 8:52 AM #

    Thanks for the shoutout Kate! The print looks great framed!

    • Kate Koeppel September 16, 2013 at 10:23 AM #

      You are welcome, I’m clearly a big fangirl of your work!

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