A brief recap

10 Sep

I have so many people to thank for a truly amazing weekend of Skill Exchange. From our teachers and volunteers, our kind hosts at StoreFrontLab to the cheerleaders and supporters who have helped along the way. Thank you all so so much for all of your effort, your energy, and your willingness to experiment with this social project. And that black cat?! Thanks to Coco the StoreFrontLab cat for entertaining us all weekend long!

I also would like to share a great write up by Erik Neumann of MissionLocal, and launch party photos on SFBG by Bowerbird Photography. I’ll be back later this week with photos, stories, and more thank yous. After 13 workshops, a launch party, and meeting over 300 people over the course of 72 hours, my body is telling me to stop everything and rest. My body is treating me to a nice exhaustion-inflicted sore throat and cold, but I am so glad I made it to Monday without a single meltdown, tear or conflict. It is naps, tea and cat snuggles for me for the rest of the day!


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