What we ate

15 Mar


1.Dinner, first course: Roasted eggplant slices, with herbs, arugula, feta and cumin-lemon dressing
2. Dinner, main course: herb-crusted rack of lamb, celery root and potato mash and roasted asparagus
3. Dinner: Daal and tumeric spiced potatoes
4. Breakfast: Homemade coconut granola and soy milk
5. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, sourdough toast with Plenty Spicy INNA Jam (If you haven’t tasted this jalapeño jam, you need to… but you can only get it if you live within biking distance of San Francisco)


6-8. Dinner: Vegetable spring rolls, inspired by Elephantine

We made more than enough fresh spring rolls to take care of dinner, plus lunch for several days. We sliced everything, then set up the assembly line, wrapping our rolls until we ran out of filling. They store well in the fridge for a couple days. We filled our spring rolls with grilled eggplant, cold noodles, fresh tofu, cilantro, carrot, red cabbage and cucumber. The peanut sauce was insane.

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