Savory fig tart

1 Sep


I will take a savory something over sweet almost every time, but a savory something that is also a little sweet? Yeah, I’ll take that too. I know I’ve blogged my love for figs more than once or twice before, but this time I’m going to go on and on about figs, and then actually post a recipe. Actually, no I won’t. Just search FIGS on the search bar to the right to see what else I’ve written about figs on the blog. I’ll just share my favorite recipe to make that savory and sweet something. I started making this tart about a year ago, after fiddling with a sweet version of this tart. Goat cheese and prosciutto can’t be left out of the recipe, and once our thyme started going crazy in the garden, I had to start using it in everything.


Kate’s Savory Fig Tart

Pie crust (I used this recipe from bon appetit by way of epicurious

Black Mission Figs (less than one pint, thinly sliced)
Prosciutto (several slices, chopped into thin strips)
1/2 cup crumbled goat cheese
1 TBSP fresh thyme (less if you’re picky)

1 onion, sliced and caramelized (I used 3-4 small bunching onions)
Flaked salt  

Caramelize your onions slowly, and add fresh thyme to your onions right at the end. Let the onions cool while you make your pie crust, or let your very chilled pie crust warm up a tiny bit. Roll out your chilled pie crust on parchment paper. I don’t mind messy edges, since I fold the edges together in the end, but you can make this tart a little more perfect-looking if you’re like that.

Crumble goat cheese on your pie crust in an even layer, followed by your thyme-onion mixture. Next, I spread the prosciutto strips in a thin layer over the top, because I like to hide prosciutto in my recipes, but you don’t have to be sneaky like me. The prosciutto should be a thin layer, not nearly as much as the cheese or onions. Next, you can get fancy with your fig slices, overlapping in some pleasing pattern. I’ve seen some prettier fig-placement in other recipes, so go crazy.


Once your tart is covered in figs, start to slowly peel up your pie crust, and fold it in, overlapping the excess crust in one direction as you go around the edge of the crust. Once you’re finished, drizzle a bit of honey over the top, and finish with a sprinkle of nice flaky salt.


Bake in a preheated oven (375 degrees) for about 20 minutes. Enjoy with cava or coffee.


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